By Alex Tilley

Hilary and I enjoy travel, but when we get home, we realize that it’s not the wonderful sights we’ve seen that are memorable, but the people we’ve met and spent some enjoyable time with.

Your Tilley Hat WILL bring you new friends! Rotarians and others.

The below appears in a book called ACTION STATIONS by Nigel Cushion (Nelsonspirit UK). It’s ‘a field manual on stress’.

Nigel wrote: “It’s nearly 10 years since I bought my Tilley Hat… It has been one of the best pieces of clothing I have ever purchased. Each hat comes with (a couple cards, formerly Brag Tags) to give out to others. In part they read:
‘Most Tilley Hat wearers, and the person beside you is a prime example, are interesting people of sterling character….To cultivate their acquaintance it is customary to provide the giver of Tilley hat procurement information with a WARM HUG, OR STAND HIM OR HER TO A DRINK.’
“A few years ago…. I spotted a man wearing a Tilley Hat. After confirming that we both knew about the Brag Tags, we spontaneously gave each other a hug and brought each other a drink… we were insiders to a fun story.
“I like being described as someone who is interesting and of sterling character and I like the idea of meeting others who are! I like being on the inside of a joke… Our mental health soared that day!”

“A Tilley Hat has been a dream hat for me and when I saw it in the Rotarian I could not resist.”
Stan Wylie, Rotary Club of Coquitlam (BC) Sunrise

Our Hats are world famous in certain parts of Canada.

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